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Jesse Cooper
Born: circa 1794, Georgia or North Carolina
Married: circa 1816
Spouse: Anna Hosey
Died: January 15, 1842, Farmerville, Union Parish, Louisiana
Buried: Meridian Cemetery, Farmersville, Louisiana, presumable next to his wife, although no grave marker is present.

On September 11, 1810, Jessy, Levi, and John Cooper signed “Petition to President James Madison & Congress by Intruders on Chickasaw Lands” which was located in Mississippi Territory, Elk River Sims' Settlement (present-day Limestone County, Alabama). It is not known if this Jessy is the Jesse Cooper, born circa 1794, presumably in Georgia or North Carolina.

From April through October, 1814, Jesse is listed as a Private in the Mississippi Militia under Lt. Col. Nixon’s Regiment in the War of 1812. Jesse Cooper first appears in Washington County, Mississippi, on the 1813 Tax List. He is also found on the Washington County Tax Lists for 1814, 1815, 1816 and 1817. Jesse appears on the 1816 tax list for Wayne County, MS. Jesse Cooper appears in the 1820 Covington County, Mississippi Census. (Covington County was created out of Wayne and Lawrence Counties in about 1819.)

In 1829, Jesse Cooper appears on the Jones County, Mississippi, Tax Rolls, and later he appears again with seven slaves on 1830 Jones County, Mississippi, Tax Rolls. Jesse Cooper’s household appears in the 1830 Census for Jones County, Mississippi, as having males under five, 2; males 10-15, 1; males 30-40, 1; females under 5, 1; females 5-10, 1; females 30-40, 1; male slaves under 10, 1; male slaves 24-36, 2; female slaves under 10, 3; female slaves 24-36, 1. The 1830 Census did not list the names of the children. Jesse Cooper again appears on the 1840 Census for Jasper County, Mississippi.

His wife, Anna Hosey (born April 8, 1798, North Carolina; and died December 11, 1857 Farmersville, Union Parish, Louisiana), was the daughter of Abner Hosey (born February 17, 1776, Cumberland County, North Carolina; married, 1794, North Carolina; and died 1843, North Carolina) and Katherine “Kizzy” Temple (born April 6, 1778; died 1845, Jasper County, Mississippi; and buried in Granny's Field Cemetery, Jasper County, Mississippi). Abner's parents were Isaac and Mary Hosey. Anna Hosey had one sister, Sarah Elizabeth “Sallie” Hosey, who first married Benjamin Moss and then married Isaac Anderson. This family remained in and around Jasper/Jones Counties in Mississippi.

Efforts are underway to identify Jesse Cooper's siblings and parents.  Others are certainly welcomed to weigh in on what is presented by offering suggestions in support of additional candidates for Jesse Cooper's siblings and parents.


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